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​Marne Jaye was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Novato, California. She attended college at UC Santa Barbara and was accepted into the College of Creative Studies, a college within the UC campus for intensive studies in a few selected subjects. Marne studied fine art and literature, there her work developed into its own unique style.

She has traveled to Mala Mala, South Africa, on safari, gathering photographs and enjoying the animals in the natural habitat. Her paintings are done in oil paints and generally in bright colors with a graphic quality that some interpret as a contemporary / primitive blend. The border, which appears as a frame for each picture, is an intricate lace made up of people, plants and animals, painted with oil paints, a small brush and patience.

Marne has continued to see success with her art through galleries, shows and commission work. Marne’s original paintings can be seen on public display at Marin General Hospital in Marin, California and Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento, Walnut Creek and Hayward.

  • Named by Kennedy Publishing one of the “Best of Worldwide Oil Artists”

  • The Art of Marne Jaye included in the Academy Awards Luxury Gift Bags

  • Marne Jaye part of the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Event at the SLS Beverly Hills

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